The Future of Atlantic Canada's Downtowns 2023 Each June Downtown CBS sponsors and promotes Love Local month; a campaign supporting our Members' business through branding, signage, and DCBS social media channels as well as by sponsoring and organizing the DCBS Love Local BBQ Community Park event.

Information about the various aspects of the DCBS Love Local campign are detailed in this page along with links to resources and contact information.


  • DCBS Love Local Signage & Branding
  • Member Love Local Event Promotion
  • “Downtown Experience” Pole Banners
  • DCBS Love Local Radio Campaign
  • DCBS Love Local Barbeque

  • Digital Graphics*

* Digital Love Local logo and Graphics are linked to the Digital Graphics section at the bottom of this page.

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Signage & Branding


Love Local Members will be provided with a “Love Local” decal for their storefront entrance and additional stickers as in-store give-aways. We recommend these be placed below line of sight at or just above the front door handle height.


Love Local lawn sign Love local lawn signs will be placed along the downtown route to raise awareness of the Love Local promotion among passing traffic. The signs are 24 x 24 inches, double-sided with heavy wire mtal stakes designed minimize foot print and damage with minimal interference of sunlight and lawn maintenance. These signs are reusable and will be removed and stored for future love local events.

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Member Love Local Event Promotion

Love Local lawn sign Downtown CBS will be actively supporting Members who choose to hold Love Local special offers, events, or giveaways through our social media channels. Where possible we do photography and video recording of openings, prize presentations, and events. Just let us know when your event is happening and we will try to be there.

Contact us by email at hello@downtowncbs.com and let us know about your Love Local event.

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DCBS Pole Banners

DCBS Downtown Experience Pole Banners The new DCBS pole banners are designed to invite passersby to stop and experience the many people, places and services that make Downtown CBS a great place to shop, play, and go for everything from auto repair to financial planning.

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DCBS Love Local Radio Campaign

Love Local Downtown CBS will be running prime time Love Local ads on the Stingray radio network through out the month of June.

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DCBS Love Local BBQ

DCBS Love Local BBQ To celebrate this exciting campaign, we're hosting a community BBQ at the Community Park on June 15 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Join us for food, live music, and prize giveaways. If your business would like to donate a prize for the event, please reach out with the details of your donation. We will ensure that your contribution is prominently featured during the event and promoted across our marketing channels. We also welcome you to join in the celebration! Please RSVP to hello@downtowncbs.com if you plan to attend.

Digital Graphics

Digital Love Local graphics for use on web sites, social media posts and print materials are linked below in the formats indicated by the file extension.

Click on the link and, when the graphic opens, right click and use the “Save as...” to save the graphic to your device. (In the case of .ai files clicking the link will open the Save As Window.)

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