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The Downtown CBS Business Improvement Association is dedicated to support, promotion and growth of new and established businesses in the Downtown area of Conception bay South.


Promoting Your Events

The Bearded Dragon Barber Shop pole banner Is your business celebrating an anniverasry? Changing location? Having a Special event? Drop us an email with the details and attach any ads photos or graphics you want to use. We will share your message through the Downtown CBS social media.

The Downtown Conception Bay South Business Improvement Association and the Town of Conception bay South have a tradition of participating in the Grand Openings of new businesses. We would be happy to support and attend your grand opening event. Drop us an email or give us a call and we will be sure to attend and bring our cameras to get your event online through our social media outlets.


Update Your Listing

Use this link to send us updates or changes to your Downtown CBS Business Directory Listing.

Any photos or graphics you want added to your listing can be attached to the email.

Please note While we can adapt most anything you send to make it work in your listing, large photos may cause an email error. We recommend photos be a maximum of 1000 pixels wide or high depending on which is the longer dimension.

Text Content and SEO

Relevant and concise text will improve the ranking of your listing in organic browser search results. You can also specify the text you want in the meta description; the text shown in browser search results under the result title.


Amplify Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing

The Future of Atlantic Canada's Downtowns 2023 The Downtown Conception Bay South Business Improvement Association has been licensed to distribute 100 digital copies of Olivia Pinho's “Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing 2023” to our Members.

Instagram is a useful and important online marketing tool for small businesses in particular. The Ultimate Guide not only shows you how to use Instagram to your advantage but also walks you through the five steps in the Buyers Journey, how to build relationships, and get real results.

Be among the 100 businesses to take advantage of this valuable resource. Simply send us an email and we will get your digital copy of the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing in the mail.


Downtowns Atlantic Canada

Representing Business Improvement Associations across Atlantic Canada

The Future of Atlantic Canada's Downtowns 2023 Downtowns Atlantic Canada (DAC) members are Business Improvement Associations from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island, who in turn represent over 15,000 businesses across Atlantic Canada. DAC works to position Atlantic Downtowns as vital, and vibrant centres of economic activity and growth contibuting to the health of Atlantic Canada's urban environment.

“The Future of Atlantic Canada's Downtowns & Main Streets 2023” contains the findings of data and opinions collected from 4300 businesses and business associations in Atlantic Canada on the challenges and opportunities facing Downtowns in the Atlantic region. The insights and ideas contained in this report are in part the basis for the Downtown CBS strategy for enhancing the Downtown Concpetion Bay South “experience” in response to challenges such as online shopping and place of work trends.


Claim your Google Business Profile

Control how your business information shows up on Google

The Future of Atlantic Canada's Downtowns 2023 The Future of Atlantic Canada's Downtowns 2023 The Downtown Conception Bay South Business Directory links your Google company profile to your business listing. This allows visitors to your listing to access current information about where your business is located and when you are open for business.

In addition claiming your business allows you to control the images presented when a potential customer or client visits your Google Maps page. In some cases, because Google Maps images are typically four years old, the image associated with your business location may be outdated, show the wrong business, or in the case of new buildings not show any building at all.

We recommend you take the time to visit Google Maps How to Add or Claim Your Business Profile on Google page and take advantage of this valuable online marketing tool.